Why okonkos struggle to accomplish his goals and dreams failed

Wanderlust Worker

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10 Reasons Why You Fail

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Always Pursue Your Dreams – No Matter What Happens

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Trying to achieve too many goals can overwhelm you to the point of frustration and procrastination. You make long lists of goals that you want to achieve. It looks impressive in the beginning, but soon fizzles out because the list of goals becomes impossible for you to achieve.


While you struggle day-in and day-out towards the fulfillment of your hopes and your dreams, know this: “If there is no struggle there is no progress.” Although Fredrick Douglas might have conveyed this statement more than years ago, it’s a theme that has been evident since the dawn of time.

Need help achieving your goals and dreams in life? We have compiled over of the best inspirational and motivational quotes about working hard and accomplishing your personal and career goals. Lets face it Every day you are going to be faced with so many distractions that can detour you from staying on your path and getting things done.

Chances are, a profound struggle in one area of your life will bleed over into other aspects of your life. The principles of failure are rarely prejudiced. The behaviors and thoughts that sabotage you in one area of your life will stalk you in other areas.

The REAL Reason You Struggle to Reach Your Goals Posted on February 4, by Jessica Lauren DeBry | CATEGORIES: career, happiness, health and fitness, popular, success, time management. how does the map show that bolivar failed to achieve one of his dreams.

he wanted to unite all the countries but they had rivalries so he couldnt. columbia is divided into venezuela, columbia and ecuador.

Why okonkos struggle to accomplish his goals and dreams failed
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Should You Pursue Your Dream, Even if You’ll Probably Fail?