Vocational education and social and economic development

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Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Development Cooperation

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Vocational Education: The Missing Link in Economic Development

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technical and vocational education should be a vital aspect of the educational process in all countries’ (UNESCO, ). the literature is not clear about the role of VET in social and economic development.

There is much controversy surrounding the policies of the What is Vocational Education and Training? The Potential Contribution of Vocational and Technical Education to the Future Social-Economic Development of Albania. by Pavli K. Mykerezi (ABSTRACT) The purpose of this study was to determine the potential contribution of vocational and technical education to the future social-economic development of Albania.

InOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries spent an average of just percent of their gross domestic product on TVET, compared with percent of GDP on early-childhood, primary, and secondary education and percent of GDP on traditional tertiary education.

Adolescent Work, Vocational Development, and Education

Social skills Policy measures Fig. 1. Model of Technical education and youth employability indicator in economic development The model shows that any measure undertaken in. - reform of vocational education courses in contemporary social development.

Vocational education

For the purposes of the processing, we decided to use a descriptive, comparative and analytical-synthetic method, and (theoretical) content analysis. Vocational and technical education and training and its role in national development.

Keywords: Economic development, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Maritime Industry, National development, Technical Training, Vocational Education.

Vocational education and social and economic development
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