Use of micropipette and spectrophotometer

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An Introduction to the Micropipettor

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Piston-driven air displacement pipettes, or 'micropipettes', are the most accurate and precise pipettes. They handle liquid in the microliter scale, and are used in biology and biochemistry. Essay on Use of Micropipette and Spectrophotometer Group No.

10 Date Started: June 11, Tongco, Val Justin DM. Date Finished: June 18, Santos, Erickson S. Vasquez, Jona Candace P. Wong, Victor Lorenzo E.

Experiment 1 Use of Micropipettor and Spectrophotometer Introduction In scientific experiments, correct measurements are required to achieve precise and accurate data.

Demonstrate appropriate use of personal protective devices. Standard 4. Use biotechnology laboratory equipment correctly and safely. • Identify equipment and describe when to use it. • Demonstrate the proper use of biotechnology equipment. • Micropipette • Centrifuge • Spectrophotometer • pH meter.

However, for ratiometric photometry to produce benefits, it must use well-characterized plates and carefully calibrated solutions of good stability.

In addition, to function properly, ratiometric photometric methods require use of specially formulated dyes in order to produce accurate absorbance ratios. A spectrophotometer is a photometer (a device for measuring light intensity) that can measure intensity as a function of the color, or more specifically, the wavelength of light.

There are many kinds of spectrophotometers. the use of spectrophotometer. the use of micropipettes. absorption spectra.

absorbance and concentration. absorbance and concentration of different compounds in a mixture. Materials and Methods Materials. Bromophenol blue, mixture of bromophenol blue and methyl orange solutions, micropipette, cuvette, test tubes, tips.

Experimental Procedures.

Use of micropipette and spectrophotometer
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Intro to Serological Pipettes, Pipettors, and Pipetting | Protocol