Time orientation in monochromic and polychromic culture

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The table below highlights some of the key differences between monochronic and polychronic preferences. Oct 20,  · Best Answer: 85% Monochronic. -schedule driven. -industrial culture base.

Time in Different Cultures

Factory culture- check in, check out. -deadlines. -driving like insane to meet deadlines/punch in times. The unsafest time of day is during 'rush hour.'Status: Resolved. "Many things at a time" system affected the channeling and flow of information, networks, extending out to the society itself; realized it was a cultural pattern Complex societies organize time in two ways: Polychronic (P-time) and Monochronic (M-time).

In organizational cultures, the differences between monochronic and polychronic orientations are evident at every level of activity. For example, in a meeting of M-People, only one person has the floor at. Monochronic versus polychronic time perception is one culturally programmed difference of great importance for project managers.

In monochronic business cultures, time is money and lost profit is usually the greatest cost of project delay. Monochronic time cultures emphasize schedules, a precise reckoning of time, and promptness. Time is viewed as a discrete commodity. People with this cultural orientation tend to do one thing after another, finishing each activity before starting the next.

On the other hand, in polychronic cultures, people tend to handle multiple things.

Time orientation in monochromic and polychromic culture
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Polychronic Time