Thesis and dissertation formatting tutorial photoshop

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Instructions to Authors. The guidelines for writing and formatting articles for Geophysics have been revised effective January and include new requirements to support a double-blind review.

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TO THE THESIS AND DISSERTATION FORMATTING TUTORIAL. This tutorial is always available on the Graduate School’s website at: along with the formatting guide, sample pages, and instructions on how to submit your thesis or dissertation through the ProQuest website.

Thesis or Dissertation Video Tutorials for the Graduate School at Northern Illinois University. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Tutorial (PDF)Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Tutorial Video.

This is the checklist that our format reviewers use to check theses and dissertations. It is provided as an additional tool for the formatting process, not as a replacement for the above Standards. How to Submit an ETD (video tutorial).

Thesis and dissertation formatting tutorial photoshop
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