Thesis about population growth and its effect

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For over years grave fears have been expressed concerning the earth’s capacity to cope with an exponential population growth. It is obvious that the calamitous famines and widespread starvation repeatedly forecast over the last years, have never eventuated.

China is the largest country in the world with a population of 1, , people and ranked the third largest in size in the world. In the year the population of China will be about 1,, The population in china is growing by about 87% a year.

China is. 1 Chapter 1 Effects of Population Growth and Urbanization in the Pacific Islands More than 35 percent of the people of the Pacific islands live and work in towns, and the rate of. Rapid population growth has a negative impact on human development, provision of basic services and poverty eradi-cation; these effects are magnified and become more urgent.

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This Thesis is brought to you by CUNY Academic Works. It has been accepted for inclusion in All Dissertations, Theses, and Capstone Projects by an the effect on nature and its resources? And lastly, what are possible solutions?

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