Taxi monitoring and management system

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GPS Taxi Dispatch Fleet Management System

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Our base taxi dispatch management solution supports 50, rides /day. We will help you set up a robust taxi management software system that is tailored to your specific needs and affordable to implement.

Monitor temperature/ plug an ibutton (Dallas key) Services and Markets The Telematics Tablet is a versatile screen based professional device that covers consumer/ driver services, professional applications and – with its SmartCradle- fleet management functions.

The Taxi-Management-System (TMS) is APCOA PARKING’S proprietary full-service concept that was specially developed in conjunction with taxi associations for handling taxis on stands with a. Taxi Management System Customer Management Module Taxi Booking Module Taxi Dispatch Module Call Center Module Tracking & Monitoring Module MIS and reporting Module Admin and Security Module Taxi Meter Interface module Wireless Communication Gateway module Alerts Module Customer Management Module This module.

PEPconnect, a smarter connection of people to knowledge for healthcare. Competency for CentraLink™ Data Management System to learn about monitoring quality control. PEPconnect, a smarter connection of people to knowledge for healthcare.


Competency for CentraLink™ Data Management System to learn about monitoring quality control. GPS Taxi Dispatch Fleet Management System Our taxi dispatch fleet management system increases productivity and profitability by synchronizing in-vehicle equipment and operations.

Fleet management such as computerized dispatch, real-time monitoring, vehicle tracking and faster processing work together so you can increase fares with .

Taxi monitoring and management system
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