Racial profiling in canada and over representations of aboriginals in canadian jails

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Report flags ‘severe’ over-representation of aboriginals in Manitoba jails

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A Recent History of Racial Profiling and Policing

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Many of the issues they face result from centuries of colonialism, much of which continues into the present. As a result, all too frequently, the impact of racial profiling further blocks them from full participation in the many benefits of Canada and Ontario.

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Morgan notes that, in reality, overrepresentation of the Black population in prisons is slightly more pronounced in Canada than in the U.S., where African-Americans account for 37 per cent of the prison population and 13 per cent of the general population.

Last year, the United Nations called on Canada to take “urgent measures” to reduce the overrepresentations of aboriginals and blacks in the criminal justice system and out-of-home care. The Strain model suggests that crimes the over-representation of ethnic minorities in crime can be explained by the fact that immigration to a new country is a stressful process.

The difficulty of finding jobs and assimilating into Canadian lifestyles causes strain which in turn leads to frustration and then crime. La Prarie, C. (). Aboriginal over-representation in the criminal justice system: A tale of nine cities.

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Collection, 44(2), McMaster, J. (, June 7). Canada’s national disgrace: Aboriginal and the justice system. The Merritt Herald.

Racial profiling in canada and over representations of aboriginals in canadian jails
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The impact of racial profiling on the Aboriginal community | Ontario Human Rights Commission