Psa on texting and driving

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Ashton Kutcher PSA

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Prepare for the road ahead

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Movies and Music PSA: Texting while driving Point Value Video clearly identifies a single core issue: dangers of texting while driving. 10 PSA motivates the audience to act. PSA techniques are used: Talk about results. Use emotion to connect to the audience.


WATCH: Volkswagen texting and driving PSA jolts moviegoers

Texting while driving. My intentions are to persuade you to think twice next time you pull out your phone while driving.

I’m going to touch on why texting while driving is bad, a couple of studies that provide shocking evidence on how impaired someone is when they are texting and driving and texting while driving vs. driving drunk. Apr 09,  · Closed Tags: distract, distracted, drive, driving, NHTSA, PSA, text, texting, video, while.

Distracted Driving is in my top three pet peeves behind the wheel, if my top pet peeve. Accidents caused by distracted driving are so tragic, because they’re easily prevented. Watch video · EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags).

Texting and driving is dangerous – that is a fact.

Anti-Texting PSA

Americans are highly aware of and concerned about the issue. More than nine in ten Americans believe sending (94%) and reading (91%) texts while driving is dangerous or very dangerous. Texting while driving, since it is the leading cause of death in American teens, is clearly one of the most costly forms of distracted driving, even more so than drunk driving in many cases.

Psa on texting and driving
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Powerful Anti Texting While Driving PSA! | Video