Operation and chain supply

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Consultants in Supply Chain Infrastructure

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Supply chain management

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Military supply chain management

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Our truckload challenge services through FedEx Transportation Light makes it easy for you.

Supply chain security

Supply Chain Management. HighJump Software Is A Leading Global Provider Of Supply Chain Management Software Solutions Including WMS, TMS And RAS. Florida Tech University – Explore the difference between Supply Chain Management and Operations Management from a regionally accredited university.

Sunil Chopra is the IBM Distinguished Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems at the Kellogg School of Management. He has served as the interim dean and senior associate dean for curriculum and teaching, and the co-director of the MMM program, a joint dual-degree program between the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern.

The Supply Chain Authority is made up of a team of experts working across Port functions – operations and terminals, commercial and economic development, information technology – to provide a customer-centric process focused on understanding individual companies’ unique logistics challenges.


Gain visibility with the right 3PL provider: LEGACY offers full-service logistics and supply chain solutions, backed by highly responsive service. Capital is precious. Make better decisions. LIDD helps you develop ROI-driven solutions to optimize your supply chain infrastructure.

Operation and chain supply
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