Ethnical banking in germany and austria

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Demographics of Austria

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Timeline of World History since 1914

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Banking and Money in Germany

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One scenario I could see a union form between germany, the BeNeLux and Austria would be if Britain were to leave the EU.

Then France elects LePen as president and then procedes to leave the EU aswell leading to a cascade of countries leaivng the EU/possibly dissolving it. A recent study on Austria, a country where trust in banks is believed to be particularly high, suggests that this is explained by the financial stability record of the country.

Banks & Money in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Money Matters in Germany and Europe Germany has a vital banking tradition that dates back to the great Fugger money-lending empire in the 15th and 16th centuries, and before that, the limited banking practices required by the Hanseatic League (Hansa) of northern Germany in the 14th century.

Fraud examiners and other anti-fraud professionals often uncover ethical misconduct in the course of our work. Some of these transgressions may be criminal, while others might represent more. The Germans in Central and Eastern Europe fled and were expelled, parts of Germany itself were devastated, and the country was divided, firstly into Russian, French, American, and British zones and then into West Germany and East Germany.

Ethnical banking in germany and austria
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