Demand and supply in smartphone

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Samsung misses supply, demand curve with Galaxy S6, S6 edge

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Samsung misses supply, demand curve with Galaxy S6, S6 edge

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Forget TV, podcasts offer grittier, growing supply of true crime stories on demand

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Amazon Prime Day to offer smartphone deliveries within 2 hours

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People are turning to podcasts when they want to hear a gory story while driving, folding laundry or walking their dog. Global smartphone AP demand forecast till 1Q This DIGITIMES Special Report provides insights into various aspects of the smartphone AP market, including shipments by supplier, market shares.

Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions. Smartphones to remain the biggest sales driver in consumer electronics Despite slowing volume sales growth and declining prices, smartphones will remain the largest driver of both volume and value sales in consumer electronics over the forecast period.

Surge pricing is a tool that Uber uses to maximize the potential of their industry’s relative supply-and-demand. In other words, rideshare companies can use dynamic pricing in situations where there are too many ride requests in the same area, and too few cars to serve them all.

Demand and supply in smartphone
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