Confucianism and judge dee

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Confucianism and Judge Dee

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Mar 19,  · Judge Dee, as a good Confucian, does not punish Doctor Tang to the full extent of the law because Doctor Tang is a Scholar, the highest class according to the doctrines of Confucianism, and so deserves the highest respect and treatment of any person.

Judge Dee would not have become a magistrate if it weren’t for his studying under the Confucianism teachings; going together with the beliefs of Confucianism, education is vital for everyone to be able to live and build relationships in society. Judge Dee would not have become a magistrate if it weren’t for his studying under the Confucianism teachings; going together with the beliefs of Confucianism, education is vital for everyone to be able to live and build relationships in society.

Confucianism and Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee Celebrated cases of Judge Dee, a detective novel which describes crime cases which happened in China during the Tang Dynasty, in the 7th Century.

In the book Judge Dee is a well known magistrate of Chang Ping, whom and is famous for solving crime and maintaining justice, particularly amongst common. judge dee essaysThe character of Judge Dee is largely molded by the ideas of his time.

During his reign, the philosophies of Legalism, Confucianism, and Taoism, were heavily relied upon for the basis of ethics within the common people and magistrates alike. Judge Dee's persona is derived di. The fundamental virtue of Confucianism.

The Philosophies of Judge Dee

Confucius defines it as "Aì rén," "love others." The District examinations were administered by the Magistrate himself (something we never find Judge Dee doing, by the way), in a hall at the District Tribunal where candidates sat at desks. The test continued through the day until the light failed.

Confucianism and judge dee
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