Confidentiality recording storing and sharing information childcare

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4 Information Sharing and Confidentiality

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Data Protection: What your childcare setting needs to know

Share information on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and do not share more information than necessary. Record decisions and reasoning about information that is shared. Carefully consider the risks of sharing information in relation to domestic violence or hate crime.

Recording and communicating information in a clear and timely manner, and systematically gathering information from a range of sources, improves identification of children and young people in need or at risk of harm.

Sharing of information in Information Sharing and Confidentiality Policy. 2.

Information Sharing and Record Keeping

3. 2 3. legal requirement to share information, where the public good served by sharing information outweighs the public good served by protecting patient confidentiality, or where an individual lacks the capacity to decide.

Research and resources

information sharing on a case-by-case basis, this document seeks to give clear practical guidance, drawing on experience and consultation from across a spectrum of adult and children’s services.

Information Sharing in the Foundation Years ‘Task and Finish’ Group Contents: designed to meet specific legal requirements about confidentiality, consent and security of information. Recent changes to the law, with the passing of.

Data Protection: What your childcare setting needs to know July 18, December 10, Parenta Views 0 Comments All organisations which handle personal information about individuals must ensure that they follow the guidelines set down by the Data Protection Act.

Confidentiality recording storing and sharing information childcare
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