Choosing and using digital technologies in

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Choosing technologies

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Fast and furious: How digital technologies are changing the way we work

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Using and choosing digital health technologies: A communications science perspective

Using Web 2 0 Technologies Author: Becky Livingston. Students can benefit by using digital recorders, text-to-speech programs and digital books that highlight the words to help those with reading disabilities stay focused on the text.

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Digital technologies can make alternate forms of print textbooks and other school materials in a format that helps them learn and apply concepts taught in school. KANSTRUP (Picture the Practice—Using Photography to Explore Use of Technology Within Teachers Work Practices) discusses the use of a digital camera in research about the use of technology in teachers' work practices.

Initially she used the images displayed on a laptop computer as a way of prompting teachers' discussion about their work practice. Choosing and Using Safe Water Technologies: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya by Jill Emily Luoto A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the.

Practical implications Using and Healthcare is a high-touch and personal enterprise: some communication is lost when digital choosing technologies are substituted for physical presence.

Effective deployment of these digital health technologies requires an assessment of what is lost and gained by introducing them.

Choosing and using digital technologies in
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