Advertising and young age children

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Advertising and Young Age Children

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Advertising to children

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This starts to develop in children by the age of eight and young children lack any insight into the purpose of advertisements. This can lead to a potentially deceptive and manipulative understanding of promotional advertising that may be biased.

The APA has now made recommendations and now research and investigations must concentrate on helping to counter act “the potential harmful effects of advertising on children, particularly children ages 8 and younger who lack the cognitive ability to recognize advertisings persuasive intent”(Dittmann,p).

Children of both age groups who died by suicide had several things in common. Most were male, most died at home and about one-third of them had diagnosed mental disorders.

2 3 Access and exposure to gambling by children and young people. With regards to permissible legal access to certain gambling products, such as category D gaming machines or, for young people aged 16 and above, draw-based National Lottery.

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Before the age of 8 children do not posses the necessary level of cognitive functioning to understand the persuasive aim of advertising and as a result are under treat from the information received as it causes them to make unhealthy choices about themselves and their relationships.

Advertising and young age children
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